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1729 recently published an article “Founding vs. Inheriting”, written by Balajis, who matter of factly claims institutions in the USA, are either inherited or founded. Balajis describes Institutions which are inherited as legacy “East Coast” institutions like Wall St. Banks or political circles. In contrast, “West Coast” institutions are built by Founders. The article further implies “East Coast” or legacy institutions are failing as their value is only upheld through a legacy of nepotism whereas “West Coast” newly founded institutions are winning as they are won by merit of the marketplace. Historically over the long term, values held by way…

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The future of work, this might be the number one thought of everyone. Everyone most likely has an array of thoughts; when will the economy open? What will happen when I go back to work? Will all my co-workers be there? Will I have the same duties? Will I get the same pay? Of course, these questions are all about the individual, but what about structural changes? What about all the economic cracks which have emerged. The cracks in currency, debt, and capital markets will make the headlines, however, the cracks in supply chains will be the ones that impact…

By Chris Skerik on The Capital

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I was listening to Macklemore’s “Good Old Days,” and I thought finally my generation has its historical moment. I can now finally compete with my father, “the boomer,” on being forced to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow. We have “The Virus.” It is easy to get into the doom and gloom, or you can choose not; I get it, choosing not is a little more difficult. However, let’s save the drama for our grandchildren, and we can tell them about the good old days. We can tell them what it was like right before the Greatest…

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Dear Mr. Commissioner Manfred,

I am writing as we need to talk. I am very concerned about the upcoming baseball season. I think it would be very good for both of us to come to terms with the fact the upcoming baseball season will be canceled. I understand you want us to have hope, I do too, but let’s face it the season will be canceled. Can you see anyone going into Yankee Stadium anytime within the next 4 months?

Let’s start dealing with reality. The next time anyone is going to pay attention to baseball will be April 2021…

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Just when I thought there was nothing rare the world went and closed. Not only is Wall Street taking a break but literally everything has come to a stop. Until Covid-19, it seemed like everything in the world was moving along at breakneck speed. Living on Mars, driverless cars, and escapism on Tik Tok seemed pretty normal. Republicans and Democrats weren’t getting along. Trump talking about building a crazy wall between the USA and Mexico. Russia, China, and the USA seemed to find some geopolitical issues to battle over. People loving/hating Tom Brady. People wearing little to no clothing and…

By Chris Skerik on The Capital

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Does this sound like your workplace or job or people you know?

  • The best employees quit bad managers. Average to below-average employees stay. This results in having an average to below-average performance mentality within corporations and agencies.
  • The best long term employees stay and hate their jobs. They stay under the belief they need to in order to maintain benefits. There becomes a tipping point when their underlying grumpiness creates a poisonous work environment.
  • To combat the above, corporations develop stringent business processes and enforce the processes across employee channels. This means HR is everywhere and no one can move…

By Chris Skerik on The Capital

Unfortunately, I was not invited to speak at Davos this year. If I had been able to make it, perhaps I would have been able to hear in person Marc Benioff make the proclamation “capitalism as we know it, is dead”. When I do get my invite to Davos, I’ll be sure to stand next to Mr. Benioff, shake his hand and agree. Then I would tell everyone, yes capitalism is dead, albeit, its death will look more like a caterpillar going through a metamorphosis and we are going to have to wait and see what emerges from the cocoon…

Everything is bigger in Texas, including its cheating scandals. Over the next few weeks and heading into spring training, the Astro’s cheating scandal will be the most talked-about event. Pitchers and catchers report in less than a month and there are three teams without managers. Right now we are barely seeing the full impact of the scandal; I suspect in the next few weeks someone will start a class action suit against the Astro’s. Maybe even Yu Darvish will sue for lost wages. However, there will be an even bigger miss by Major League Baseball. I predict it will take…

By Chris Skerik on The Capital

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I hope you are picking up from my last article; the connection between blockchain technologies and how its macro attributes will become embedded in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Here I will be showing the use case for blockchain technologies in the mining industry (By “mining” I mean hard rock or earth material mining) by focussing on the following:

  1. Traditional flow of mine development.
  2. The problems with the current mine development process and why these problems have the industry in decline. The problem areas will focus on information and capital flows.
  3. The key attributes of blockchain technology and how it will…

By Chris Skerik on The Capital

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I think we forget, sometimes. We have shifted dramatically and exponentially into a digital data world and we forget about or take for granted the physical world. As we are finding our way into the start of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we need to remember the critical link of industrial revolutions and resources. Resources and in particular mining (not Minecraft mining or Bitcoin Mining) have fallen completely flat as a valued economic contributor, whereas tech and data are the economic darlings making all the headlines. However, the disconnect between tech and resources is about to be gorilla glued back together…

Chris Skerik

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